Accounting and Finance


The K+S Consulting Accounting & Finance Team is responsible for managing the payables, financial reporting, and accounting analyses of our clients. Under the guidance of the Chief Financial Officer, the accounting team is able to work in harmony with our clients to ensure that revenues and costs are properly registered, monitored and budgeted. This includes processes for the appropriate registration of revenues each month, as well as guidelines and policies that monitor and control all new expenses and expenditures.

The Accounting & Finance team also develops financial reports for its clients and works closely with our Executive Team and our clients to secure certain financial objectives, including new financing solutions and analyses of new investment opportunities.

Reports generated by the Accounting & Finance team generally follow US GAAP guidelines, and our team often pursues independent audits from accounting firms to review its reports each year. It is the primary objective of the Accounting & Finance team to make sure that our clients learn about their financial performance, build their financial health and security and invest in winning solutions that allow them to grow steadily and predictably.