About Us


K+S Consulting is a management and investment company that owns, operates and oversees the operations of outpatient surgical centers, hospitals and other healthcare providers in and around the United States.

K+S Consulting provides different levels of management services to its clients, ranging from advisory services to turnkey management and billing services. Services are chosen according to the specific needs of each client and are structured to create the greatest benefit to each clientÂ’s operations and future. By allowing our clients to choose from different levels of management, we are able to modify our involvement with our clients as their operations and objectives change each year. This also allows our clients to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare sector. As an adviser and often an investor with our clients, we are also able to build lasting partnerships between our clients, ourselves and third-party providers, understanding that this is suitable and ideal for the growth of their operations.

At K+S Consulting, we believe and are in invested in building winning partnerships with a mission to make our clients leading healthcare providers that set the standard in their respective areas of service.